This screen allows you to log on to the Remote Capture system.  You will need to have a Login name, Password, and Access Code to gain access to the system.  If you do not have these things, see your administrator to set up an account.

You can also perform a System Validation of your computer form this screen.  The bottom of screen contains a System Test hyperlink.  Click the hyperlink to perform the system validation.  System validation allows you to test your system to see if it meets the minimum requirements for running Remote Capture.

To log on to the system:

  1. Launch Internet Explorer on your Remote Capture client PC.

  2. Type the URL provided to you by your banking provider.  The system displays the Login Screen.  Click here to see what the Login screen looks like.

  3. In the Login field, type your login name.

  4. In the Password field, type your password.

If you wish to make changes to your password, click the Change Password button.  The system displays the Change Password screen.  Click here to see what the Change Password screen looks like.  You must enter your current Login and Password  before the system will allow you to change your password.

  1. In the Password field, type your current password.

  2. In the New Password field, type the password you wish to use.

  3. In the Confirm New Password field, type your new password again.  The system uses this field as a double check to make sure you typed your new password in the way you meant to.

  4. Click the Submit button.  The system leaves this screen and places your new password on the Login screen in the Password field.

  1. If an access code is requested, the system displays an Access Code field.  Type your access code in this field.  Select the Always use this access code option and the system will remember the access code when you log on and you will not need to type it in each time.

  2. Click the Log In button and the system will log you on to the system and display the main Remote Capture page.


There are many different things that can prevent you from logging in with the exact steps listed above.  You may see some of the following information on the login screen.

If you see the information below, your bank's web site is not a part of the Trusted Site Zones in Internet Explorer on your machine.  You will need to add the site to your Trusted Sites zone in order to continue.

If you see the information below, you do not have the Remote Capture .NET Security Policy installed on your computer.  If the system does not ask you to install the security policy, contact your administrator for assistance.

If you see the information below, you need to activate your computer.  Click here for instructions on how to activate your computer.

If you see the information below your computer's credentials are invalid.  You need to go through the steps to activate your computer.  You many need to get a new activation key from the bank's administrator to activate your computer.